Join the HCC PTA/PTSA Board

Join the HCC PTA/PTSA County Council at the leadership level.

The HCC PTA/PTSA has formed a Nominating Committee for the purpose of slating the Executive Committee officers.  The positions being filled by the Nominating Committee, together with general descriptions of the positions, are listed below.  If you wish to be considered for one of these positions, please fill out an Officer Application by clicking this link:  Officer Application.  If you do not wish to serve as an officer, but would like to be considered for a committee position, please keep reading.

Positions being slated by the Nominating Committee: 

President – work with rest of council to promote the mission of PTA; work with local units; work with HCPS/school board

VP Leadership Development – develop local unit leadership, find future leaders for county council, set up 3 training sessions

VP of Membership Development – encourage membership in local units, promote membership in achievement schools

VP Areas and Regions – manage conflicts at local units, work with the school board to promote education and PTA mission at local units

VP Advocacy – advocate for children in public education, work with legislators, school board and community

VP Council Operations – manage day to day operations of council, oversee Awards, Communications and Reflections committees

Treasurer – account for financial operations of council, run PayPal and bank accounts, analyze and pay invoices

Secretary – set and declare all meetings, take minutes, supervise HCC PTA/PTSA elections

The application deadline for an officer position is Monday, April 1, 2019.  Applications will be forwarded to the Nominating Committee, headed by pro-tem Chair, Rachel Nestor (  The Nominating Committee will interview candidates as they apply and then meet to discuss candidates.  The Nominating Committee will declare the slate of proposed officers on April  14, 2019.  Candidates who choose to run from the floor must declare their intention to run by serving a written notice to the HCC PTA/PTSA President at least 15 days prior to the the election.

HCC PTA/PTSA Elections will occur at the Elections Meeting on MAY 14, 2019 at 6 pm.

The HCC PTA/PTSA 2019 Nominating Committee is composed of: Rachel Nestor (; Lisa Marie Leihy (; Janel Smith (; Alisha Stevens; Ami Marie Granger Welch; and Veronica McDonald.  Thank you very much to the Nominating Committee for helping the HCC PTA/PTSA find next year’s leaders. 

For people interested in committee positions, there is no application deadline for applications to serve as a committee head or committee member.  However, we would like to staff as much of the board as we can at this time, so we encourage you to apply now.  To apply for an HCC PTA/PTSA committee head or committee membership position, please click here: Committee Application.

Thank you very much for your interest in serving ALL students through the Hillsborough County PTA/PTSA!  Please contact Rachel Nestor (, or VP of Council Operations, Ellen Lyons (, with any questions.  




President Damaris Allen
Vice President Leadership Development Kathi Hayes
Vice President Areas & Regions Frank Reyes
Vice President Advocacy Brita Wilkins-Lincoln
Vice President Council Operations Ellen Lyons
Vice President of Membership Naomi Frierson
Treasurer Sherry McDonald
Secretary Kimberly McDonough


Awards Program Janel Smith
Communications OPEN
Compliance Quiana Lewis
District Liaison Debra Blossom
Diversity and Inclusion OPEN
Family/School Partnership Paula Thomas
Health & Wellness OPEN
Immediate Past President  Melissa Auker
Legislative OPEN
M.E.N. (Male Engagement) OPEN
Member at Large Pamela Bradford
Member at Large Jim Chapman
Member at Large Tina Young
Military Inclusion OPEN
Reflections Lisa-Marie Leihy
Resource Development OPEN
Scholarships and Grants Angie Stuivenberg
School Board Liaison OPEN
Special Events OPEN