Sponsor a New PTA



It takes 10 members to start a PTA.  Joining a local PTA also includes membership to the State and National PTA’s.  We have to send dues for those first 10 members as pat of the chartering process, but we don’t want money to get in the way.  We want our local leaders to spend their time building relationships.  To help them do that, and not have to focus on money, we are asking you to sponsor a new PTA!  For just $35, you can help a school get a PTA!  All funds raised will be held in a restricted account for this purpose.  Council will pay the dues directly on behalf of new units.  These funds will be directed primarily to new units in Achievement Schools, but may be used for other schools in need if there are no Achievement Schools in need.

Your generosity will help to create a culture of family engagements in our schools that need it most!